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We raise the level of security and implement a two-step authentication factor when logging into our Power BI course platform

Factor 1: Log in with the existing login and password.
Factor 2: Confirm the login with an authentication application, e.g. 2FAS, Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator.
Login instruction in the factor 2:
  1. a. Download the free mobile app for two-factor authentication (if you do not have one already, we recommend Google Authenticator)
  2. b. Use the application to scan the QR code that will be displayed when you try to log in to our platform
  3. c. Enter a TOKEN value (code)
  4. d. You should be logged in to our platform. All subsequent logins will require entering new tokens from the application.
Visit our website for more information and screens here.
If you have any questions or problems, please check our FAQ or contact us on our Power BI course Facebook group or at contact@elitmindacademy.com